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Going Green in Hobart

At Solar Panels Hobart, we supply and install solar panels and renewable energy systems. We’re an independent business with many years of experience, and we work hard to ensure that our customers receive great service at the most competitive price. We pride ourselves on providing:
– exceptional customer service;
– quality products;
– knowledgeable staff.
What makes us different is our hands-on approach – we provide instant quotes and the ability to customise your system, so it’s unique to you and your needs. Whether you want solar panels for your home or business, we’ll do everything we can to help make it happen! Call today for more information.

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    How long do solar panel batteries last?

    Solar battery storage systems are designed to provide up to 10 years of service under normal operating conditions. They’re built for performance and durability, meaning they’ll save you money on electricity bills for many years to come!
    In order to make use of solar energy, you need one or more solar panels with batteries to store energy for when it’s needed most. You can therefore make your own power supply at home, although this does depend on whether there is enough sunlight available where you live – even during summertime – and what sort of equipment you plan to run off your panel(s).

    The benefits of using solar panels

    There are many benefits associated with solar panels, the most noteworthy is that they are entirely eco-friendly. Using solar panels means you can generate your own electricity to reduce or completely remove your reliance on traditional electricity providers. This could save you money while also aiding the environment by reducing our dependence on power stations.
    Solar panels can significantly increase your home’s value when you sell them because it will already have them installed. Solar panel systems come with a “Guaranteed Buyback Scheme”, which offers compensation for energy produced by the system over 20 years. They also allow you to connect to Tasmania’s net metering scheme, which allows excess energy generated during the day to be used during nighttime hours.

    Why Go Green?

    Switching from the standard electric provider to solar power can save you around 40% on your energy bills. Reducing our dependence on fossil fuels will help reduce greenhouse emissions and is better for the environment.
    This is good for everyone because it helps reduce the effects of global warming, which are already being felt across Australia. No matter what changes occur in climate or weather, an off-the-grid system ensures that power won’t be compromised.

    How much does it cost to install solar panels on your roof?

    The cost of installing solar panels depends on the size of your home, energy efficiency and a number of other factors, but it’s still a lot cheaper than you think. The average household will see a 5-8 years payback period through reduced electricity bills.
    The choice is yours! Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to expand an existing system, we’ll perfectly design a system that suits your needs.

    What are the requirements for installing solar panels on my home?

    When installing solar panels, you should consider your roof type, the number of panels required and the direction your home faces. We can help you to determine which system is right for you.
    You should also with the government regulations surrounding solar panels in your area like;
    1. Restrictions on roof orientation
    2. Rules surrounding shade and tree height
    3. Council charges for connection to the network

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    commercial solar panels
    solar panels on a roof

    Different types of solar panels available, and their pros and cons

    here are many different types of solar panels available. There are even differing opinions about what constitutes a solar panel, with some people say that anything that absorbs sunlight is a form of solar panel. Having said that, the most commonly used solar panels are those made from photovoltaic cells. These are made from very thin slices of silicon, which have been treated in various ways to create an electric charge when exposed to sunlight. Some are designed to be flexible and can therefore be rolled onto tubes for transportation purposes – they’re known as roll-up solar panels. Others use mirrors to concentrate the sun’s rays onto certain types of cells to produce more electricity than regular cells would under indirect exposure..
    Other types of solar panels include monocrystalline and polycrystalline. These are made from a single crystal in the case of the former, and a collection of crystals in a mosaic formation in the latter. They are more expensive to produce than multi-crystalline cells made from an ordinary silicon slice.

    solar panels

    Choosing the right solar panels for your home or business.

    However, the fact remains that many people don’t really know much about solar systems or what they require. It should come as no surprise then that it is crucial to ensure you choose the right system for your needs. To help potential customers decide whether going green sense for them, we’ll introduce you to the various types of solar systems that are currently on offer.
    Solar panels represent one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint. They use natural energy from the sun, which can be converted into electricity through highly efficient means. While there are many different types of solar systems, it’s important to realise that not all do what they say on the tin. It’s therefore vital that you do a lot of research to ensure that you choose the right system for your needs and circumstances.

    Solar panels for home use

    Are solar panels expensive?

    The cost of solar panels is one of the major factors that determine whether or not anyone can go for it as a source of power. The price is going down with the days, and today you have cheap solar panels that are available on the market.
    It would be good to research the different types of panels available to get value for money without any shortcomings before installation. For instance, if you need a more powerful panel to meet your energy demands, investing in a more expensive panel makes sense than buying many cheaper panels. This will only cost you more, especially when you factor in how long it will take before they become cheaper by saving up some cash now.

    Cleaning and Maintenance of Solar Panels

    Cleaning solar panels is something you should do both to keep on the right side of your warranty, and it’s also a good idea because doing so will allow you to continue receiving the maximum possible solar output.
    Solar panels come with their own cleaning instructions, which tend to vary from one manufacturer to another. Most agree that using distilled water is the best way forward as this will not leave behind any residue or impair performance in any way. You can use a standard garden hose with a soft brush attached for this purpose if you like – but make sure that the brush has been thoroughly cleaned before putting it near your precious new investment!
    It may seem like common sense, but make sure that children and pets cannot access your panels without supervision at all times. This is particularly important because your panels should be considered a safety hazard like all electrical components and connections. Always keep an eye on things and ensure that everything is kept in order to avoid accidents.

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    How do solar panels work?

    They generate electricity when exposed to sunlight. To be more specific, when sunlight hits a solar panel with its built-in electric fields, it dislodges electrons, causing electricity flow. How much electricity is produced depends on how many panels you have installed and their efficiency. These types of panels only produce power while the sun is shining, so that they need batteries for storage if used in areas where there is no access to further use of solar energy.

    Commercial solar panels

    Solar panel installation process

    The installation process is not complicated, but we do need to create an access point somewhere on your roof (usually at the top). There are some cases where we may be able to fit the panels without creating any additional holes, but this will depend on your roof design.
    We then connect all of the panels into a solar inverter system that both collects the electricity and stores it ready for use. The inverter is key as it also ensures you don’t receive excess electricity from our batteries, so there’s no wastage! We can usually give you an idea of what size system you’ll need by looking at your usage history, which means there is no need for expensive testing equipment. Once everything has been installed, we run a series of tests to ensure that they’re running optimally before handing it over. It’s best to involve specialists in this area, as you can be confident that it’s installed correctly and safely.

    FAQs About Solar Panels

    Some of the frequently asked questions related to solar energy are answered in the extract below;

    What are solar cells?

    Solar cells are types of photovoltaic cells designed to receive and convert light energy from the sun into electrical energy by the photovoltaic effect.

    What are solar panels?

    Solar panels are made up of several solar cells which work together to convert sunlight into electrical energy.

    What is the difference between monocrystalline, multi-crystalline and amorphous silicon?

    Monocrystalline cells are cut from a single crystal whereas polycrystalline cells are cut from an ingot of silicon. A third type, called amorphous silicon or thin-film, is produced when ordinary silicon is deposited in a gas form onto glass or another suitable backing to produce a large sheet that can be used in solar panels.

    What are PV modules?

    These are the building blocks of any solar power system. A PV module comprises interconnected cells or photovoltaic cells that absorb sunlight and produce electricity by the photovoltaic effect. When connected together in series, they make a complete solar panel.

    Are solar panels more efficient than powering my entire house through conventional energy means?

    The cost savings associated with switching from non-renewable energy sources will soon pay off the initial outlay of installing solar panels, after which time you will find that you are not only saving money but also helping protect our environment at the same time!

    What kind of capacity will I need?

    The amount of electricity you use daily varies depending on different factors such as occupancy, appliances used etc. Before starting any installation process, you should consider how much power you use per day, then contact us so we can start sizing your system accordingly.

    Why Choose Us?

    One of the reasons why you should choose us as your go-to supplier and installer of solar panels in Hobart is because of our many years in the industry. We are people with passion who want to make an environmental difference in the world.
    Are you looking for a reputable company in Hobart that can install solar panels on your business premises in Tasmania? If yes, then look no further than Solar Panels Hobart. Our company is backed by over three decades of experience and knowledge when it comes to renewable energy systems, which make us qualified enough to handle all kinds of solar power systems, whether big or small.
    The decision to switch from being dependent on traditional sources of electricity will go down well with your family members, given how much they are going through due to soaring prices every month. Call us today!


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